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  • The new version has arrived! iOS 8 Lockscreen for OSX has been released. Check it out:

    chaseJune 3, 2015
  • This screensaver is awesome. Love it!
    I think there is only one thing it needs: random images.
    Anyway, great job!

    CarlosMay 9, 2015
  • Any recent updates?

    ChrisApril 30, 2015
    • As of late, the screensaver project has been put on the back burner so that I can focus on University. Starting soon, I will have more free time to put into finishing the revised project.

      chaseMay 1, 2015
  • Great job thus far! I imagine the switch to Swift will improve performance and efficiency?

    ChrisJanuary 29, 2015
  • Love this screensaver! However whenever it comes on my laptop (15″ retina MBP, most recent revision) the fans kick up really high even though the laptop doesn’t really get hot at all. Thought this was strange and just wanted to let you know. I also really like the revision you made regarding multiple screens.

    AnnaJanuary 28, 2015
    • Thank you. In regards to the fan, this problem is resolved in the version to be released. The current version is very inefficient and the Swift version is a lot better.

      chaseFebruary 7, 2015
  • Loved this on my old 17″MBP but I just upgraded to a Retina MBP and it doesn’t look very clean. Hoping the next update will support Retina, please!

    Keep up the great work, it’s greatly appreciated.

    SkateDozens (@SkateDozens)January 26, 2015
    • I’m sorry about this. I will try to fix this in the next version.

      To clarify, is it the background animated image that doesn’t look clean? Or is it the clock, slide to unlock text, etc?


      chaseFebruary 7, 2015
  • Thank you . It is amazing. I also recommended my friends. It will be great if you add some more customisable functionality. Great JOB!!

    Francesco Romeo ShaykotJanuary 24, 2015
    • Could you elaborate on what you mean by more customizable?

      chaseFebruary 7, 2015
  • Hey! Happy New Year! Just wondering how development’s going?

    ChrisJanuary 4, 2015
    • Hi Chris (and anyone else wondering about my progress).

      I want to apologize for how long the rewrite is taking. Swift is not fully integrated with much of Apple’s legacy libraries. Much of what is taking a while is both writing the new code but also rewriting the code, as there have been a few alterations to the Swift language since its release.

      Thank you for all of your patience. I promise to have something finished soon.

      chaseJanuary 5, 2015
  • Unfortunately, your version no longer works correctly on dual screens. I have my MacBook plugged into an external monitor as a second display. Previously the screensaver would show the lock text on both screens, however, now the second screen only shows the username and apple logo.

    RichDecember 11, 2014
    • This was our intention. We added multi-display detection to only show the clock, date, etc. on only one screen. If it is a feature that you miss, I will add functionality to toggle this in a future update.

      chaseDecember 11, 2014
    • That would be fantastic. Yes, this is definitely a feature I miss. A toggle switch would be a perfectly simple solution 🙂

      RichJanuary 8, 2015
  • Hello! Your alterations to the screensaver has been great. I only have one thing that prevents me from using it—the automatic color choice. It chooses black text for my wallpaper, despite the fact that I have the same wallpaper on my iPhone and the text is white. It would be better for user customizability if you just let the user choose whether they want the text to be white or black. With that change, this would be perfect!!

    ChrisNovember 25, 2014
    • Worry not. A new version is on its way. I am trying to finish development at the same time as final exams.
      Thank you for your support and feedback.

      chaseNovember 26, 2014
  • Love the work of bodysoulspirit. Hope development with this awesome screensaver is still going on. Version History like bodysoulspirit did would great. Maybe there is also a chance to just imitate the iOS lockscreen in a future update. How about minimal weather in the screen. would be awesome. Thx for your work guys.

    DJayNovember 2, 2014
    • Hi Djay.
      Progress is still going on but it is very slow at the time being. Bodysoulspirit has archived the project and I currently have many projects on my plate. I’m currently working on rewriting the saver in Swift to take advantage of Apple’s new language. On top of that I am also a first year university student and have to juggle my academic workload as well. I hope to have a new version out soon.

      chaseNovember 9, 2014