I have received plenty of emails on the state of the iOS Screen Saver. I realize that it has been a fair amount of time since the last update.

To everyone interested:
The development is in progress! It has been since mid-September. Due to the fact that I am a current University student and some unforeseen compatibility issues with the new version, development is slow. Worry not, I am working hard to get a new version to all of you.

Technical details (again, for those interested):
Currently, I am porting the entire project to Apple’s new language, Swift. This provides an immense speed boosts as well as makes it much more efficient (the current version is fairly inefficient and causes the fan to run quite a bit). Unfortunately, this has been a tedious process. The past versions is quite literally held together with ‘duct tape’.

The first version did not have the “Slide to Unlock” feature and was written with a fairly old Apple software known as Quartz Composer by the initial author, BodySoulSpirit. Quartz Composer is fairly robust but hasn’t been supported by Apple for some time. Once I became a part of the project, I used the original screensaver and, through some fairly ‘hacky’ methods, I was able to add the new “Slide to Unlock” feature that you see in the version available today. Along with that, I was able to add a few more interesting features that were originally unable to be achieved with Quartz Composer. The downside to this ‘hacked together’ version is that there are quite a few bugs.

The version in-development rids the screen saver of many of these performance issues but, again, there are numerous issues with combining Swift with Apple’s screen saver library, which is also quite old, meaning it doesn’t necessarily play well with Swift. I am avidly working to resolve persistent bugs and compatibility issues in the version to come so that it is still supported on the past few OSX versions.

Please bear with me. I have quite a bit to juggle with this, my studies, and a few other freelance projects. Thank you for remaining patient.

Chase (littleendian)

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  • Thanks for the update. All the best for you. 🙂

    DJayFebruary 17, 2015