Bug finally fixed!

Hello Everyone! I have finally been able to track down the source of the bug causing many macOS Sierra users to see (or lack thereof) the screensaver improperly. This has been fixed and should be live for download now on the project page or the downloads page. I deeply apologize for all of you who […]

Update coming soon (also hacked on Monday)

Hi all, I have received a number of emails regarding the iOS Screen Saver and issues with the new macOS Sierra. I am working on fixing this as well as adding some requested features and fixing some bugs. Keep your eyes out for that in the next few weeks. On another note, I discovered within […]

Update: Download link is back up (Hopefully)

I have a download link up and running again. If you tried to download in the past few hours, I apologize. As another update, I am still working on getting a new version out. As a current University student who is also holding down a part-time programming job, I rarely have time to work on […]

Download for iOS Screen Saver is down… for now.

I have been encountering some issues with where I was hosting downloads previously. I am working on getting it back up and running, but for the time being, the download is broken. Please check back tomorrow. It will be fixed by then.

Where has littleendian gone?

Hello All. I realize that it has been a while since my last post. I wanted to send out an update on what I have been up to lately. Some of you have asked in emails: “Is the screen saver going to be updated?” or “Is the screen saver an abandoned project?”. No, I have not […]

Website Down

I want to extend an apology for any and all people who tried to access this site over the past week and found that it was down. I had an issue with GoDaddy using an incorrect payment option and I was not notified until this morning. Hopefully all is well now. Again, my apologies for […]

Busy times ahead…

Hello to all who read these blog posts. I wanted to tell you all to what will be coming in the next few months. I have taken on a large work load with the iOS Screen Saver, my current job at AgilData, University classes, and now a new project. I am working with a few peers from […]

Broken Download

I received a few emails regarding the download button for the iOS 8 Screen Saver being broken. Or the .zip file won’t uncompress. If you encountered either issue, I have (most likely) fixed it. The download button should be functional now and the zip should uncompress without issue. Please email me if you still encounter […]

Another post already?

I just wanted to show a small teaser for one of many features I am attempting to implement soon. Enjoy!

Finally Done!

After months of learning Swift and trying to get it to be compatible with the Screen Saver framework, I have finally finished. I have plans for a few more features to come in the future. Hopefully, this should be a lot less CPU intensive and won’t make people’s fans go haywire (like the last one […]