I have received plenty of emails on the state of the iOS Screen Saver. I realize that it has been a fair amount of time since the last update. To everyone interested: The development is in progress! It has been since mid-September. Due to the fact that I am a current University student and some […]

College Update

I got into University of British Columbia! I will be starting there in August this year. I’m pretty excited. They have a program that I’m looking into called the BUCS program which is, from what I understand, a dual-major in Business and Computer Science. I am trying to walk away with two separate BS degrees, […]

The results are IN!

So I finally worked up the courage to log in to the AP Exam portal and view the results of the AP Computer Science that I took almost 2 months ago. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I received a 5 (on a scale of 1-5) on the exam. This was very exciting for […]

The Birth of a Website!

I have finally decided to buckle down and create a website to help chronicle my progress with various programming projects as well as have a place for me ┬áto hopefully share my knowledge with anyone who is interested in programming. This post will hopefully be the first of many that will one day be an […]