iOS 7 Lockscreen for OSX

I stumbled across this screensaver and thought that it was pretty awesome. The only thing missing was an actual Slide to Unlock feature. I messed around with it for an hour or so and added the interactivity that I wanted. I emailed it to the original creator and from there, we have continued to work together to make the screensaver better. Please note that this version is technically beta due to the methods used to build the screensaver and the buggy nature of it.

This is a collaborative project between me and Bodysoulspirit.

Credit to Bodysoulspirit for the original Screen Saver. His website can be found here.

UPDATE: iOS 8 version now available here. iOS 7 version no longer supported or available for download.

iOS Wallpaper Downloads:

iClarified | From iAR7 | By Blackdiamondone

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