iOS 8 Lockscreen for OSX

It’s finally done. I know you all have been waiting and I have too. It has been busy for me over the last 8 months but I am finally back to help keep this up and running.

I have some features in mind to add to the screensaver in the future. See you all then!

Credit to Bodysoulspirit for the original Screen Saver. His website can be found here.

iOS Wallpaper Downloads:

iOS 8: Jason Zigrino Deviant Art

iOS 7: iClarified | iAR7 | Blackdiamondone

Download “iOS ScreenSaver” – Downloaded 20966 times – 14 MB

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As a security measure, the screensaver can only be downloaded from this website. Any links posted directly to the screensaver will not work. Link to this page instead!